In the sweltering summer of 2008 one conversation with a client completely changed the landscape of my personal and professional intentions. We were wrapping up a training session where I was looking to truly show him what he was made of.

You see, my client was a former collegiate sprinter who life had severely challenged upon his graduation from college. His once chiseled midsection was now being hidden by a softer package of tissue that symbolized stress, confusion and pure unhappiness.  He was roughly thirty pounds heavier than his competitive sprinting physique and his once indomitable will had been bruised by the valleys he had persevered over the last few years. Physical training and organized sports was always his outlet when it came to balancing his mental and emotional state by challenging his physical limits.

As we finished the session and I tossed him a towel to sap up the residue of work that was trickling down his strong jaw line he grabbed me by my arm, looked me in my eyes and began to tell me this:

“Rob I’m really grateful for you man. Aside from helping me get my body back right, you’re helping me get my confidence back man. This training is like a form of therapy and I always walk away our session feeling like I have more clarity. Throughout my athletic career I’ve always had coaches who challenged me physically and always tried to motivate me.But you’re the first coach I’ve ever had that never demeaned me in order to motivate me. Over these past 8 weeks you’ve taught me a lot about myself and you are a very trustworthy person. You’re like the Black Yoda of training; thanks for helping me get my body right and see the real me Guru!”

As we shared a mutual ear to ear laugh about the fact that he just referred to me as mythical green, short and balding creature from the Stars Wars movies, it was at this moment that I knew I was not just another strength & conditioning coach. I sat there for a second after he left and dissected his transparent yet comedic confession to me.

Never before had an adult male ever looked me in my eyes and confessed of his gratefulness of my passion and his appreciation for my coaching style. This was also the first time anyone had called me a “Guru”. Yoda was essentially the Master Guru of all Jedi’s in the Star Wars movies. Not only was he praised as one of the most renowned and powerful Jedi Masters in galactic history, he was also known for his legendary wisdom, mastery of the Force and his exceptional skill set.

At this point, I realized that my personal calling as a coach was to aspire to be the Yoda of physical training by continuously expanding my skill set committing to achieve uncharted levels of mastery as a Coach.


Just as Yoda was committed to becoming a master of his craft, we also should make an oath to never settle for being just good enough. The most effective way we can achieve mastery is by adhering to the instinctive voice that guides us daily. This driving internal force that speaks to our passion is our Ambition. The only way we can be truly effective in life is to practice habits that allow us to evolve our true passions as we are guided by the instinctive voice within. Once we commit to our true passions we will attain a level of mental clarity that will inspire us to Amplify our Ambition.


There comes times in our lives where we have to endure discomfort within the valleys of life. Valleys in life are never meant to demean us, they are designed to challenge us. The only way we can overcome challenging times is to have faith in our abilities to navigate the valleys of life to enhance our characters and work ethics. The only way we can persevere through life while developing stronger characters and work ethics is to Affirm our Faith.


Even though Yoda was short in stature, he never allowed fear to impede his skill acquisition or to hamper his vision to develop other Jedi’s in training. Yoda was able to achieve uncharted levels of mastery with the Force not because he never experienced fear, it was because he exhibited levels of courage that allowed him to transcend his fear. We all must tap into our inner Yoda and transcend fear as we Acquire Courage.

Throughout my life experiences I have personally overcome loneliness, abandonment, rejection, unworthiness and fear so that I may evolve into a powerful and dynamic teacher that inspires you to Acquire Courage so that you may Affirm your Faith in order to Amplify your Ambition.

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